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Young adults face major decisions every day. Do you feel prepared to make those choices?

Let me help!

My book, The Auspicious You: Letters to Hesitant and Hopeful Young Adults, is a perfect resource full of ideas to begin conversations and create action plans for young adults.

My talk will also bring life-changing plans to you. Invite me to speak with your young adult group or on your campus to share my three-prong approach to life’s trials and joys. We will explore Relationships, Stress, and Encouragement.

Young Adults Must Experience The Auspicious You

  • Respond to the important issues in life without falling into the trap of overwhelming stress.
  • Understand that external pressures are often the loudest, but not always the most important issues in your life.
  • Pinpoint specific problems, empowering you to meet current goals and feel fulfillment in life.
  • Gain access to methods of communication with peers, mentors, and family members and find effective support systems.

Offerings from The Auspicious You

  • Three sections of top concerns for young adults: Relationships, Stress, and Encouragement.
  • A page-by-page format through each of the three thematic sections or stand alone letters to timely meet a need.
  • Authentic personal stories and frank discussion within each letter.
  • Small group readings and discussions among young adults.
  • Materials for a mentor to facilitate.

A Message from Lori

You are in the middle of a most exciting time of life. Young adulthood ushers you into a world where you must develop your confidence, and you have so many opportunities and lessons to experience.

I know how much you want to succeed, and I understand the pressures you feel in your daily life. I would be honored to help you explore your core beliefs and natural talents. Let’s take this journey together and make your young adult years calm and meaningful!

Visit my website for free downloads of the activities in my letters (new activities added at the end of each month) and free access to Biblical ancillary materials for each letter.

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