Five-Day Challenge

Serve with a Purpose

You have a desire to make a difference in this world, don’t you? By visiting this page, you show your interest in service and helping others.

What is your background experience with service? Have you been on a mission trip, volunteered at a local food pantry for dozens of hours, or served on a board for your local mayor? If your resume shows these or similar events, good for you! You are on the all-star service team!

But, what about the rest of us? If you want to help others, but feel overwhelmed with the process, this page is for you.

Begin with the first of the Five-Day Challenges. Send me a message through the contact link or on The Auspicious You Facebook page to let me know how you’re doing. Enjoy the ride, and good luck!

Five-Day Challenge #1

  • Day 1: Spend a bit of time writing in your journal. Define service. What does it mean to you? When have you felt cared for and loved? Did someone have to work for you week after week or buy an expensive gift for you to feel loved? I’m guessing no. Explore your preconceived notions about service. Why do the little gestures mean just as much, if not more, than over-the-top demonstrations? Share your thoughts with one other person. Let your conversation about exploring this idea be a gift of service to someone else.
  • Day 2: Today, write a bit in your journal about your talents. Do you smile easily? Can you carry on a conversation with anyone? Are you physically strong? Are you an organizer? Make a list of the traits that you could use to serve someone. Then, clean up the dishes in the sink. Anyone with any talent level can help tidy the kitchen.
  • Day 3: Who is on your mind? When you allow your thoughts to linger over a list of people, which specific person grabs your attention? Why? Is this person celebrating, sick, grieving a loss, preparing for an adventure? What does this person need? How can you meet that need? Send a text? Write a note? Give a quick phone call? Leave a sweet candy on their desk? Think about it. Figure out what feels right. Do it.
  • Day 4: Revisit your talent list. What skill can you share that would not take much time or any money? Who could benefit from this skill? When could you connect with the recipient? Haul out your neighbor’s trash cans? Warm up your mom’s coffee? Pick one random act of kindness to perform within the next 30 minutes.
  • Day 5: Topic for your journal today–How has your understanding of service grown? How were your kindness/service actions received in the past four days? How did completing them make you feel? To what extent do you find yourself looking for small, easy ways to use your talents? This first challenge is meant to make you understand that little gestures matter a great deal. Now that you get it, select five items to donate to someone in need.